The Inspirational Life History Of Manavendranath Roy aka MN Roy

Manavendranath Roy
He was celebrity in Andhra once with large following of intellectuals, poets, writers, teachers, and advocates. M.N.Roy ( 1887-1954) was originally Narendranath. Born to a priest family in Bengal, Roy joined freedom movement in Bengal under the leadership of Jatin Mukherjee. They planned to attack britishers to neck them out of country. In pursuance of that goal, Roy was sent to collect money and arms from Germany, the arch rival of Britain. Roy went to south east Asia including China and met Sun Yet Sen. The Germans finally asked him to land in Germany to collect arms and money. Accordingly he travelled from Japan in a ship with a pretext of catholic priest. He reached San Fransisco during 1916 and met Dhan gopal Mukherjee, a Bengali poet in English department of Stanford University. With his advise Roy changed his name as Manavendra. He also met a brilliant student who completed graduation namely Evelyn Trent. They liked each other and married in New York with the help of Lala Laj pat Roy. But the british police were after Roy and hence he along with his wife escaped to Mexico. There Roy quickly learnt Spanish and turned into socialist communist revolutionary. He got the support of president of Mexico. Lenin observed and invited him To Soviet Union. Roy along with his wife went to Moscow and played revolutionary role along with Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky. The couple started two journals from Europe namely Masses and International press correspondence. They were meant to feed the information to revolutionaries and newly emerging communists in India. Roy was also sent to China to play some role in people`s rebellion movement. Stalin sent him. After returning from China Roy returned to India with a pseudonym Mahamood. this was in 1929. Immediately Roy participated in Karachi congress conference and met Nehru. Police suspected and arrested him Bombay in 1930 .Roy was jailed for 6 years. During his stay in jail Roy wrote volumes of literature and sent correspondence to outside world. After release Roy stayed with Jawaharlal Nehru and joined congress party. But Gandhi did not like Roy. Symbolically Roy contested against Moulana Azad for presidentship of Congress, and of course defeated. Roy started new party called Radical Democratic party and trained several persons. During that period he developed contact with Andhra. From 1940 to 1954 innumerable writers, advocates, teachers and others were trained and developed Radical Humanist philosophy. In 1954 Roy fell down from a rock during his morning walk and died later with brain injury. In Andhra Roy was accepted as brilliant leader and philosopher by eminent writers: Some of them are Abburi Ramakrishna rao, Pemmaraju Venkatarao, Devakinandan Tata, Rachakonda Viswanatha sastry, A L Narasimha rao,Abburi Varada Rajwswararao, Mulukutla Venkata sastry, Avula Gopalakrishna murthy, Ravipudi Venkatadri, N V Brahmam, Avula Sambasivarao, D V Narasaraju, G V Krishnarao, Palagummi Padmaraju, Koganti Radhakrishna murthy, Malladi Ramamurthi, Tripuraneni Gopichand, Guttikonda Narahari, Pavuluri Krishna Choudary, Kolla Subbarao, Ch.Rajareddi, Kolli Sivaramareddi,Koganti Subrahmanyam, Jasti Jagannadham, Lavu Ankamma, and many others. Many study camps were conducted and political classes were held. This was continued till the death of M N Roy and after that few years was bubbling with study camps and publications. M N Roy`s major writings were translated in Telugu by Innaiah Narisetti and published by Telugu Akademi and Telugu University. Now the movement became history and very few individual remained in the organization. M N Roy was recognised as world leader among humanists and he was associated with international humanist organization. His birthday is on 21 March. – Contributed by Mr.Innaiah Narisetti, Sr.Journalist & Humanist – On the occasion of birthday of humanist philosopher who influenced several intellectual in Andhra during and after Indian independence.

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